Ground Penetrating Radar

What is Ground Penetrating Radar?

Ground Penetrating Radar Scanning, otherwise referred to as GPR scanning, is a geophysical locating method. GPR is a scanning device used to locate rebar, electric lines, plumbing, or any other object that may be hidden within concrete, brick, cinderblock, or other hard masonry building materials. GPR scanning can locate objects up to a depth of 36” and provides an accurate location of the object.

GPR scanning is done before drilling or cutting has begun, which can help prevent cutting live electrical wire, rebar, natural gas service, and plumbing pipes. This service provides a relatively quick assessment of what is with in your concrete slab or wall  and can prevent delays in projects that can occur as a result of cutting into something.

The Difference Between X-Ray and Ground Penetrating Radar

A commercial x-ray is commonly used for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for defects and irregularities that are a threat to structural integrity. Although x-rays provide high-resolution images of circuit boards, concrete structures, and metal parts, the innovation of GPR made it a more desirable tool to utilize. 

  • Safe and Non-Hazardous – Unlike x-rays where the wearing of PPE and a 100-foot clearance is required for the location scan, GPR does not pose harm from radioactive elements present in x-rays. GPR scans are conveniently done during business hours with minimal interruptions.
  • Real-time Imaging – Results of an x-ray scan need off-site processing and development. For GPR, real-time inspection is done while the scan is ongoing. Making post-GPR activities such as core drilling and saw cutting done earlier.
  • GPR Advantages – For x-ray imaging to work, it needs both sides of concrete slabs to scan. This makes x-ray not suitable for on-grade slabs. On the other hand, GPR can be utilized for on-grade slabs and can detect underground targets. What’s more, the scan depth of GPR is better than an x-ray. 

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