Concrete Drilling

Looking for drilling services?

Core Drilling is used to create cylindrical holes in a number of materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, and cinder block for things such as plumbing, electrical, and anchor holes. Core drilling uses drill bits that are designed for maximum strength when drilling through concrete. Core drills can be drilled at diameters starting at ½” up to 48” and nearly unlimited depths. 

Drilling holes in concrete is a step for virtually all concrete structures. For commercial spaces, these can involve the installation of electric and communication services, anchor holes and rails, plumbing or floor drains, and sample and analysis of materials. 

What are the Benefits of Concrete Drilling?

Precise and Accurate Cuts

One of the best reasons why concrete core drilling is popular for various construction projects is because of its renowned accuracy and precision. 

Efficient and Quick

If you need an air-conditioning unit installed within a few days, you can trust that concrete core drilling can get the job done. The combination of the process’s lightning speed and a professional team such as Bedrock Concrete Cutting will complete the task within a reasonable time. 

Noise-free, Safe and Clean

Other construction processes disturb and disrupt your normal course of action. Concrete drilling is considerably quieter and cleaner which makes post-project completion a breeze for you and the team.  

If you’re on the lookout for a top core drilling services provider near you, please keep in mind that Bedrock Concrete Cutting is only a call away to help you. Wherever you are in the Portland Metro Area, we’d gladly help you with any cutting, drilling, or sawing needs.