Concrete Cutting

Wall or concrete sawing is the most effective process for cutting horizontal or vertical openings from concrete. Listed below are the most common concrete saw cutting applications for construction purposes.

  • Create openings for the installation of new doors, additional rooms, windows, or ventilation openings.
  • Precision cuts on both horizontal or vertical concrete structures. The same for structures with steep inclines.
  • Create openings through reinforced slabs and concrete walls.
  • Wall cutting for ventilation and HVAC purposes.
  • Bevel cutting for a chamfered edge.
  • Creation of crawl spaces.
  • Demolition applications.

Aside from the mentioned common applications, there are more specific integrations employed for various purposes. These are hand sawing and ring sawing, both of which are services also offered by Bedrock Concrete Cutting.

Wall Sawing

If you are looking into an expansion of a room or breaking it down for another partition, wall sawing is the best option. Aside from this benefit, what makes concrete wall cutting a top service from Bedrock Concrete Cutting? Find out more below.

  1. Precise and quick cuts.
  2. Safe and minimal noise levels produced.
  3. Less dust and debris.
  4. Preserves concrete structural integrity.
  5. Cost-effective and can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The many amazing benefits of concrete wall cutting have become a game-changer for the concrete industry. The combination of precision and efficiency is a benefit that the construction industry needs.

Why Bedrock Concrete Cutting?

When you find yourself searching for “concrete saw cutting companies near me,” know that Bedrock Concrete Cutting is always open to answer your queries and provide solutions for your construction needs.

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The combined expertise and years behind each individual of the team testifies to the readiness to take on various concrete sawing and drilling challenges. With the combination of high-edge equipment, top-of-the-line devices, skilled professionals, and satisfactory customer service, your concrete sawing and drilling concerns are guaranteed to be resolved.

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